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Ezy-Axis Deer Caller Testimonials

I bought your calls and wanted To report back that the first time I used it it worked!! After being in a blind for three hours I said what the heck do I have to lose. Hit it three times and within five minutes a nice axis buck stepped out. I’ve had axis at my place for almost ten years now here in Lousiana and they are hard to hunt. Even in a 1000 acre high fence. Have not found a food source besides corn that brings them in. And even corn is hit or miss. Just wanted to say good job!
- Scott Gurney

Let my friend use your call this past weekend and he was able to call in a herd of axis and shot a doe out of the herd
- Tommy McCormick

Another one bites the dust with the Ezy Axis call! Love that call!
- Jonathan Rose

The Ezy-Axis deer call is amazing! I got to shoot an axis buck with Eric as my guide. He called the axis buck in with the Ezy-Axis call. The buck walked into where we were sitting and came within 50 yards of where I was in response to the call! I was able to take a shot I was completely confident in. It was an absolutely awesome experience!
- Amber Haynes

This was my second year hunting with Eric at Joshua Creek for a mature axis buck. We were down to the last evening and we needed something to happen. Eric started screaming with his prototype ezy axis deer call. We immediately got a return scream from an axis buck! He worked a tree line while screaming and breaking branches. Every time Eric screamed at him with his call, this buck would return scream and progressively got more agitated. After multiple exchanges, the buck couldn't take it and finally broke the tree line at 100 yards. He was a huge 7.5 year old buck! I made a good shot even after having my nerves worn to a frazzle with Eric and the bucking exchanging screams. It's one of my best hunts ever and an amazing time.
- Paul Prasarn

I’ve been looking for an axis call for years! And it worked like a charm last night! Made a stalk upwind and the lead doe started barking at about 100 yards, I knew they hadn’t smelled me so I pulled out the call and roared 3 times. The whole herd of about 30-40 came up the trail 35 yards away, and I was able to get the biggest buck!
Thanks for a good product!
- Jared King

- Steve Wood

Went to Bennett Oak Creek ranch near San Angelo for a company retreat type deal. We were at camp and waiting to the shadows to get longer and we had been hearing some axis bucks screaming in the brush. The ranch owner said he’d been seeing more bucks than usual and even heard some fight the evening before. So we sat at the blind on the first evening and had seen some whitetails but no axis. I read on the package that the younger bucks call 3-5 times and the older ones 1-3. So I went with 3 times to split the difference. Called and waited for a few minutes and this guy stepped out of the brush looking around. But I was ready and was able to drop him with my 7 mag. Great deer and a great hunt. I have learned to love axis over the past few years and this was my first experience calling one in.
- PJoe Don Baker

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